Download the Latest WhatsApp Plus 13.00 APK 2020

Of the many chat or messaging applications, which one do you use, gang?

There are many chat applications in circulation, one of the most popular is WhatsApp .

Many users choose WhatsApp because besides being simple, WhatsApp is a lightweight chat application so that old-school cellphones are able to run it well.

But did you know that there is such a thing as WhatsApp Plus ? Then what is WhatsApp Plus? What's the difference with regular WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Plus application

Starting from limitations, creativity will appear, the sentence is very suitable to describe this WhatsApp Mod  .


WhatsApp Plus is one result of the creativity of developers who feel the limitations of the original version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp plus is a WhatsApp application  that has been modified in such a way that it has various features that the official WhatsApp does not have.

Of course the features presented by WhatsApp + are very beneficial for you as a user or user. Want to know what features are presented?

WhatsApp Plus features



WhatsApp Plus has several excellent features that were not in the original WhatsApp application. So your WhatsApp won't be monotonous and it will look more attractive.

Here are some of the WhatsApp Plus features that ApkVenue has summarized.

1. Anti Banned

It has become a mandatory Anti-Banned feature , yes, what are the many features if in the end our Whatsapp account is blocked by WhatsApp. So you don't need to worry about being blocked because the developer has embedded this feature on the latest WhatsApp Plus.

2. Change the Theme at will

Now in this application you can download and change the theme according to your favorites. You are also allowed to customize the user interface on Whatsapp Plus, such as changing the size of the chat screen layout , changing the header section , changing the font shape and size at will  .

3. Automatic Message Reply

WhatsApp Plus will present an automatic message reply feature for you to use. With this feature, you can reply to incoming messages automatically with pre-made message templates.

4. Hide Typing Status

With this feature, your friends will not know when they are typing the message that you are sending. This feature is perfect for users who have a habit of writing old messages and often edit messages before they are sent.

5. Anti Delete Message

As the name implies, this feature can display messages deleted by your chat opponents. So even though it has been deleted, you can still see what messages were sent and deleted earlier, gang. Isn't that interesting?

6. Long Duration Video Status

With this feature, you can create a video status with a long enough duration, which is about 7 minutes. Far different from the original WhatsApp which is only able to half a minute.

7. Save Friend's Story

Unlike WhatsApp in general, you need additional applications to save WhatsApp status / stories for friends in your contacts. WhatsApp Plus has embedded this feature in its Application. So you don't have to bother anymore to use additional applications to download status.

8. Send Large Files

The WhatsApp Plus application has a feature that can send files up to 50MB even for audio files, reportedly sending up to 100MB. With this feature you no longer need to worry about photo files sent will be compressed like using official WhatsApp.

9. Multiple Accounts

Now you don't need to install dual or more applications. With WhatsaApp Plus, now you can use multiple WhatsaApp accounts in just one application.

WhatsApp Plus is safe or not?


Many people think this application is not safe to use. Because of this, the modded and developer versions of this app can change the code and steal your personal data.

But this WhatsApp Plus apk file is completely safe for everyone. In fact, your personal information will be safe.

This latest version is completely Anti-Ban, which means you won't get banned from the WhatsApp team. To avoid the WhatsApp ban, always use the latest W hatsApp Plus app , gang.

Download the Latest WhatsApp Plus 10.20 APK 2020, it's free!


For those of you who want to download the WhatsApp Plus application and how to install it, ApkVenue has prepared it below. Just download it, gang.

  • Backup your old WhatsApp data  . Make sure all your WhatsaApp data is well backed up on Google Drive.

  • Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus here: baixar whatsapp plus atualizado . Make sure you choose the latest version. Save the file (.apk) on your smartphone .

  • Open and install the file that you downloaded earlier.

  • If the file cannot be installed (blocked) then you need to make settings on your smartphone so that you can install applications other than Playstore. The trick is to enter Settings -> Security Settings -> Enable Install Apps from Unkown Source.

  • Setup an account on your WhatsApp Plus like regular WhatsApp.

  • WhatsApp + is ready for you to use.

So you don't have to bother looking for the latest 2020 WhatsApp Plus download, ApkVenue has prepared it, gang!


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